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Crazy Mountains – Big Timber, MT

Ever since my childhood, I have felt a deep passion for wandering along beautiful mountain streams with a fly rod in hand in search of elusive little wild trout. And one of the great advantages of this meandering pastime is finding myself surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable! A few years ago, with the acquisition of a waterproof camera, I have been able to explore a little deeper and discover a new appreciation for the vibrant colors and patterns that truly come to life in this turbulent underwater world.

Even when the fishing is slow, there is still great nourishment to be found around, along and within these cascading creeks and streams, and I very much enjoy trying to capture these natural images with my camera. Through the photos and written reminiscences that I hope will continue to flow through these pages, I invite you to join me in my wanderings along the way, and I  hope that you are able to imagine yourself meandering along these beautiful and relaxing creekside surroundings  that I am lucky enough to frequent… Enjoy!

Blair H. Spaulding – Nevada City, CA

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